Close your eyes
and have a wonderful dream



Molly Ringwald was supposed to dance alone but she was too embarrassed so John Hughes made everybody dance.

And thank God he did, or we wouldn’t have one of the most iconic sequences of the 80’s and cinema as a whole.


i just want to be an angel


This scene just became 400 times funnier to me because I rewatched Mystery Spot and realized that Sam busted him on a continuity error the first time.

Gabe got through 100 Tuesdays keeping everything the same, until he accidentally used strawberry syrup instead of maple and Sam caught it and outted him.

Gabriel is just really bad at continuity and Metatron knows it.


endless list of favourite characters: gwen elizabeth cooper

"Excuse me, have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?"

I’m home

I’ve nearly been in contact so many times.”


Make Me Choose
anon asked:
martha jones or donna noble


Timey Wimey Fest: Week 1 Day 4
               ↳Favorite Side Character {Rory Williams}